Not only is nature one of the most healing elements to immerse yourself in, but tending to a garden can actually reduce stress! Not only that, but plants have been studied now to have other health benefits such as cleaning the air from toxins that are found in every day material like carpet, plastics and even paint. Some plants are better at air purifying than others and many are more suited for indoors based on their lighting requirements and maintenance. Whether you are just getting started with your garden or you are adding new varieties to your growing family of green-pets, breathe deeply knowing you are investing in your health by having them around.

Have you thought about growing your own fruits and vegetables?

Gardens can be even better for your health when you combine the relaxing practice of tending to a garden with the ancient wisdom of food as medicine. Whether you create a small indoor garden of your favorite herbs to season your dishes with fresh spices or you work on a larger garden outside with your favorite fruits and vegetables, the health benefits abound. The best part is that you get to decide what you grow. Have you ever been ready to make your favorite dish and realize you are out of cilantro or basil? Find yourself always in need of some tomatoes to add color and texture to your dinner salads and pasta dishes? When you customize your garden to be full of all of your favorite things, you will not only eat healthier but you will enjoy your time you spend caring for your plants.

Decide if you want to start an indoor garden or an outdoor garden and consider all your usable spaces. Nowadays there are plenty of space-saving options like vertical gardens and pre-made garden set-ups that you can use in virtually any space. Consider how much natural light you get in each area and how easy it will be to water and maintain before you plant.

Here’s What to Consider:

  • Are you planting inside or outside?
  • Are you planting for looks or function (air purifiers and food)?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Start small enough that you can grow your hobby slowly.
  • Make sure you have plenty of light and access to clean water.