Let’s be real, sometimes the drive across town in between the errands and the to-do lists makes it hard to take care of your health and make yourself a priority. With the current demands many people have on their time, it is more clear than ever how valuable virtual doctor’s appointments can be. Not only can you fit it into your day more easily (because you can call from your living room after breakfast, or the car when you are waiting for your kids to wrap up their school day) but you can also ensure your own safety while taking the best care of yourself possible. With COVD-19 a real concern for many families with underlying health issues, there is a demand for virtually everything. Especially virtual medicine so that you know you are doing everything you can to support a healthy immune system and stay connected with your health team.

Setting up Your First Telemedicine Virtual Consultation

Just download the intake form from our home page or contact us and get started! That’s it. We will fit you in as soon as possible and make sure that you are on your way to optimal health in no time.

What Happens if You Need to Come into the Office

After your initial virtual consultation, Dr. Sharma will assess your needs and set you up with a health care plan. Sometimes that involves running labs (some of which can be mailed to you and submitted –all from the comfort and ease of your home), or running tests in the office. After you have provided the general information about your health and health goals, follow-up visits will be handled in the utmost professional way to meet with all the cleanliness standards of our current situation. Please See Telemedicine for more up to date protocol on how to prepare for your visit, but plan to come clean with your mask and be ready to answer basic health questions prior to your appointment.